Create QR Codes

Creating a QR code is very easy, many websites offer free QR code creators or generators, and QR codes can also be created and manipulated with photo editing software. Creating a QR code is relatively easy as long as you know what information you want it to contain. We know QR codes are easily generated but how exactly are they designed?


QR codes can hold various amounts of data and this depends on the code’s character set, error correction level, and version.  QR code data can be numeric, alphanumeric, Kanji, or binary. Numeric data can have a maximum of 7,089 characters, binary data can have a maximum of 2,953 characters, Kanji can have a maximum of 1,817 characters, and alphanumeric can have a maximum of 4,296 characters. The characters, version, and error correction level will determine the size of a QR code.


QR codes are unique in that they use the Reed Solomon error correction algorithm. QR codes have four levels of error correction and these include:

  • Level L at which 7% of the code can be restored
  • Level M at which 15% of the code can be restored
  • Level Q at which 25% of the code can be restored
  • Level H at which 30% of the code can be restored


QR codes with a high error correction level can be manipulated to a certain extent to make them artistic. The codes can have colors, images, and even logos inserted into them and due to error correction they will still be able to be scanned and read properly.


The format information in a QR code works to record two different things including the mask pattern used to make the symbol and the error correction level of the QR code. Masking refers to breaking up patterns in the data that could confuse a QR code scanner. The format information stays protected from errors with a code called BCH and two copies are included in every QR code.


Now that you know the design behind QR codes, you can pick a QR code generator. Generate your QR code and use it endless ways from connecting people to your social media profile to providing them with a coupon to use at your business.