Custom QR Codes

QR codes are little black and white boxes that contain some type of encoded information such as a picture, web address, or coupon. Traditional QR codes are simply black and white but there are ways that QR codes can be customized. Due to the error correction feature of QR codes, they can be manipulated and have pictures, logos, and more added to them and are still able to be scanned and provide the user with the intended information.


There are a couple of choices when making custom QR codes. The first option is to create a custom QR code online using a generator. This works well but customization is often limited. Second, a simple QR code can be generated and then manipulated with photo editing software such as Photoshop. Creating a custom QR code with image editing software will be more time consuming but will provide you with far more options than an online generator. The most important thing to keep in mind when designing a custom QR code is to make sure that it remains intact and does not lose any of its encoded information.

In order to customize a QR code with image editing software, the code first needs to be generated. QR codes have several levels of error correction and codes with the highest level can be heavily customized. Once the QR code is generated, it can then be transferred into the image editing software and can be customized. The first step in creating the custom QR code is to erase a portion of the code where the logo or picture is going to be placed.  No more than 20%-30% of the QR code should be erased. A good way to test if the QR code will still work is to periodically scan it with a smartphone to make sure it is recognized. As long as the QR code is recognized when scanned, the logo or image can be inserted. Continue to add final touches until the QR code is to specifications and the finished product is a custom QR code.