Home School Library: Homework Helpers

Learning doesn’t have to be gloom and doom, in fact, with a little creativity it can be fun. Middle school students will find the following resources helpful whether studying math, language, science, social studies, art and music, or working on a foreign language. Studies show that all students retain more information when they learn in a fun, relaxing atmosphere and by playing these educational games online, you can make certain that you remain comfortable and relaxed while learning. Whether reviewing a subject or learning a new concept for the first time, the following resources will help you with the subject at hand. These resources are teacher approved and are considered some of the best educational and interactive websites available online. Education is one of the most important aspects to a middle school student’s life and there’s no way of getting around it: you have to study. By studying in a fun, stress-free environment, you will fight boredom and ultimately retain more knowledge. Here are homework helpers for a wide array of subjects.


  • Really Cool Math Sites: John Hopkins Center for Technology in Education provides this extensive resource for middle school students studying math. 
  • National Library of Virtual Manipulatives:  The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives provides numerous free games that make learning math fun for middle school students. 
  • Ask Dr. Math Middle School Archive:  The Math Forum at Drexel University provides an extensive resource for middle school students who need help with math. 
  • Math for Morons like Us: Algebra Single Variable Equations: Think Quest provides this middle school resource that teaches algebra equations. 
  • Mega Math:  The Los Alamos National Laboratory provides middle school math resources and games. 


  • The ABC’s of Nuclear Science:  Science resource for middle school students who need help understanding the principles that govern nuclear science.  
  • All about Atoms:  Jefferson Lab provides this resource that teaches middle school students about atoms. 
  • Did you ever wonder?  Science resource from the Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory features scientists explaining scientific concepts to middle school students. 
  • Energy Kids:  The United States Energy Information Administration provides this extensive resource for middle school students wanting to learn more about energy. It includes games and activities. 
  • The Knowledge Network:  Science 360 provides this extensive resource that discusses a number of different life science topics using methods that middle school students will find fun and interesting. 

Social Studies

  • Social Studies Sites: Numerous resources for middle school students studying social studies from the University of Sioux Falls.
  • Social Studies Websites for Children:  The Literacy CyberSpace Project provides these resources for middle school students reviewing social studies topics.
  •  Online Activities for Middle School students:  The California State University Northridge provides these multiple resources for social studies ranging from American history to World War II. 
  • The World Factbook:  The Central Intelligence Agency provides numerous resources for middle school students studying social studies and history. You may find facts and statistics for countries around the world and more. 
  • Places in the News:  The Library of Congress provides resources regarding countries in the news that middle school students may use for further understanding of current events. 

English Language Arts

Computers & Technology

  • Keyboarding Games for Middle School Students:  Hamlin Middle School provides these keyboarding games for student working on their typing skills. 
  • Technology Education Activities:  Blacksburg Middle School provides these resources for middle school students studying computers and technology. 
  • Middle School computer lessons:  The Forest Middle School provides numerous free resources for those learning how to use computers or technology in general. 
  • Cyber-Bullying:  Girl’s Health features a section regarding cyber-bullying that will help middle school students currently experiencing bullying issues.
  • OnGuard Online:  Government website that reinforces technological concepts to middle school students and teens using games. 

Art & Music

  • Art Zone:  The National Gallery of Art is behind this interactive site that teaches a wide variety of art concepts in a fun and interactive way. 
  • The Artist’s Tool Kit:  This site features different games and activities that middle school students may use to learn more about art and its principles. 
  • Art Cyclopedia:  An extensive database where middle school students may look up an artist by name, work, or location, and discover more about artists and art movements. 
  • San Francisco Symphony Kids’ Site:  The San Francisco Symphony provides this interactive website that uses games to teach about music. 
  • Ricci Adams’ Music Theory:  Music Theory provides numerous lessons, exercises, and interactive tools that middle school students may use to increase their understanding of music. 


General Resources

Other Cool Stuff

  • Fire Safety Resources:  The Atlantic County AVA Media Center provided these numerous resources for middle school students learning about fire safety. 
  • Recycle City:  The United States Environmental Protection Agency is behind this site that uses activities, games, and interactive resources to teach the importance of recycling. 
  • Career Exploration: The educational website Breitlinks provides numerous resources for middle school students considering their future career options.