How To Make A QR Code

QR codes or quick response codes are a type of 2D barcode that consists of a square pattern on a white background with small black squares or modules. QR codes are different from traditional barcodes in that they can store much more data. The information encoded into a QR code can include multiple types of data such as text, pictures, business cards, URLs, and various other types of data. QR codes are read with smartphones; first a picture of the QR code is taken, and ten a QR code reader decodes the information and makes it viewable to the user.  QR codes are proving to be a great marketing tool and can be made by anyone.


Making your own QR code is actually quite easy. Whether you want to make a QR code to market your business, provide your contact information to others, or just for fun, you can design and create your own QR code. QR codes are unique because they can incorporate all kinds of different designs and still be easily scanned and decoded. If you want to make a QR code, you can simply search online for a QR code generator. There are a number of different QR code generators that will make your code for you. Even the well-known URL shortener will allow you to create QR codes for every URL simply by adding .qr at the end of the shortened URL.

Now that you know how to make a QR code, it’s time to think about the design. Normally, QR codes are square, and only contain black and white but you can get creative when making QR codes.  QR codes are built with error correction so that people can add things like logos, brand names, and pictures to the codes while still allowing them to be scanned and read properly.  You ultimately want people to scan your QR code so making it more attractive to people can increase the amount of scans you will receive. Use bright colors, and add your business name or logo to make the QR code stand out among others. Once you have learned how to make a QR code, there are endless possibilities for creative designs.