Make A QR Code

Most people have seen QR codes. They are the little black and white squares that are starting to pop up everywhere. The codes can be scanned by smartphones which then take the user to some type of information such as a webpage, Facebook page, image, or endless other types of information. Anyone can make a QR code and use it for a variety of purposes.



Where To Make A QR Code

There are numerous websites that allow you to make a QR code, and most of them offer QR code generators free of charge. All the user has to do is input the information they would like encoded into the QR code, and it will automatically be generated for them. Many websites even allow users to customize their QR codes by adding color, and even images. Another option would be for the user to make a standard QR code and the use some type of image editing software such as Photoshop to create a custom QR code.

  • Some of the information that can be encoded into a QR code includes the following:
  • Encode a business card with a Google maps location so customers can easily find a business.
  • Encode temporary tattoos with a link to a Facebook page to be handed out at events.
  • Encode stickers with V-Card information so other users can connect to the information.
  • Encode websites for online ticket purchases.
  • Encode film posters to link to film trailers.
  • Encode airport passenger check-in information.
  • Encode real estate signs for further information on the property for sale.
  • Encode wedding or party invitations with a RSVP link.
  • Encode wine and liquor bottles leading to production information.
  • Encode catalogs to direct the user to extended information on products for sale.