Mobile QR Codes

In the United States, QR codes are an emerging mobile technology. QR codes are increasingly becoming popular in marketing and in turn, customers are catching on. According to research, more than 30% of smartphone users have scanned a QR code, and more than 70% said they would be interested in learning more about QR codes and QR code readers. Currently, QR codes are being used as a marketing tool to offer discounts, coupons, and access to other types of information.


The uses for QR codes are endless, and they provide a link between online and offline marketing. QR codes allow customers to engage with the business or product they are interested in. For instance, if a business is sponsoring an event and want to drive people to learn about the event, they can create a QR code that sends users to the event’s Facebook page. This not only allows the user to learn more about the event but drives customers to “Like” a page which could in turn increase business.

When it comes to mobile marketing, the concept should be the simpler the better. Using QR codes to direct consumers to Facebook fan pages with a call to action such as “Like Us” can increase social media followings and engagement.  If a QR code simply directs a user to a website, maybe it will be remembered and maybe it won’t. It is much more beneficial to a business to direct users to something like a Facebook page or a special discount.  Consumers are more likely to turn into repeat customers if they are being rewarded with something special like a coupon or discount.


Unique ways to engage customers through the use of QR codes

  • Facebook check ins
  • Customized landing page
  • Facebook “Like” pages
  • Coupon or discount pages
  • Directions to a business or store


The majority of mobile phone users have smartphones which are capable of reading and scanning QR codes. All the user has to do is download a QR code reader app and they will then have a smartphone QR code reader than can scan codes and direct the user to the proper information. QR codes can be a greatly beneficial marketing tool as long as they are used in the correct ways.