Place QR Codes

QR codes have been proven to be a great marketing tool. They can direct potential customers to websites, contact information, pictures, coupons and discounts, sweepstakes offers, and more. In order to have an effective QR code marketing campaign, the QR code should be placed in any many areas as possible because the more people that have access to the QR code, the more times it will be scanned and ultimately benefit a business. Below are some ideas for places you can put QR codes to make sure they are seen and scanned by as many people as possible.



Business Cards

Place a QR code on your business card and direct people to your contact information or website.



Store Windows

Direct users to your online store so you don’t miss out on a sale during off hours.




Place a QR code on your website that directs users to a coupon or discount of some kind.




Get creative if you own a restaurant and place your business QR code on food, for example a piece of chocolate.




These are a great place to put QR codes as they can be placed in numerous places across town and doesn’t cost a lot of money.




If your business has a product for sale, place a QR code on the packaging.




Artists can place a small QR code in the corner of their pieces so others can learn about their work.



Real Estate Ads

Real estate agents can place QR codes on ads that provide further information on the properties for sale.



Scavenger Hunts

Place a QR code on a scavenger hunt, these are fun and engaging and will get customers interested.




Place a custom QR code on t-shirts to get the word out about your business. QR codes can be altered to add pictures, logos, and color.