QR Code Scavenger Hunts

QR codes are really useful marketing tools but if you are not very familiar with them it can be difficult to figure out exactly how to use them to benefit your business. QR codes are technologically functional things but they can also be used in creative ways. If you have an event coming up for your business, a great way to engage customers and clients is to develop a QR code scavenger hunt. The following steps will help you create a fun and engaging QR code scavenger hunt for your next event.

Choose Your Prize

The first step in planning a QR code scavenger hunt is to come up with a prize for the winner. This could be something as simple as free drinks at the event or could be more complex with the use of a sponsor for a big prize.

Choose Your Challenge

The next step in planning your QR code scavenger hunt is to choose the challenges. Figure out whether you want to challenge participants with knowledge of your company or just have them search for QR code clues.

Generate Your QR Codes

Once you have planned out the prizes and challenges for your QR code scavenger hunt, you can create the QR codes. Use a free online QR code generator to create your QR codes and then decide where they will be placed around your event for the scavenger hunt.


A QR code scavenger hunt can be used as a way to get clients and customers to engage and interact with each other. The scavenger hunt will also allow exploration of your facility and will help potential customers and clients become more familiar with your brand or product.