QR Code Software

With the growing popularity of QR codes, there are many types of software available to potential users. In order for a QR code to be read by a smartphone, a QR code reader has to be downloaded.  Many providers of QR code scanners offer free QR code software.  Below is information on some of the QR code software available that can be installed on your smartphone to read QR codes.




The BeeTagg QR code reader can be downloaded in one of three different ways. You can visit the site directly with your mobile phone for a link to download. Another option is to visit the website where you can enter your phone number and BeeTagg will send a SMS text to your phone with a link to the QR reader. You can also send an SMS text to the company and they will then reply with a link to download.  This reader is compatible with more than 50 cell phones including Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Apple, and more.



The KAYWA QR code scanner can be downloaded directly onto your computer. You then use a USB cable, or Bluetooth to transfer the downloaded file to your cell phone. You can also download the reader directly to your phone by visiting the website. The company will then let you know if their software is compatible with your phone.



QR code readers can be obtained two ways. Visit the website directly with your phone and download the reader, or send an SMS text message to the company and they will reply with a link to download the software. The i-nigma QR reader is compatible with numerous mobile phones including Motorola, Sony Ericsson, HTC, and Nokia.




The UpCode QR code reader can be downloaded directly to your phone by visiting the website. You can also send an SMS text to the company and they will reply with a link to the software download.    Another option is to download the QR reader software directly onto your computer and then transfer the file onto your mobile phone. UpCode is compatible with many mobile phone manufacturers including Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, LG, and more.



The NeoReader software is available for download by visiting the website on a mobile phone. Once on the site, NeoReader will automatically detect the manufacturer of your mobile phone. To finish installation, follow the installation instructions. This QR code reader software is compatible with brands including Motorola, Blackberry, Apple, and more.


Mobile Tag

To download Mobile Tag’s QR code reader, visit the website on your mobile phone. The website will initially load in Spanish. Don’t worry, you can change the language to English and begin downloading the software which is available for iPhone, Android, Nokia, and Blackberry.