QR Code Tracking

QR codes have shown themselves to be extremely beneficial marketing tools. When using QR codes in a marketing campaign, it is important to be able to track the codes to help measure the success of the campaign. Google Analytics is one of the ways that QR codes can be tracked. Learn how to track QR codes using Google Analytics.



Plan Out Your Campaign

Planning out how you want to track a QR code marketing campaign is the first step to beginning. Think about what you want to achieve with the campaign, whether it be to drive traffic to your website or have customers sign up for newsletters. Plan out how and where the QR codes are going to be used. QR codes can be placed in store windows, business cards placed around town, or even on magnets stuck to your company’s delivery vehicles. During this planning phase of the marketing campaign, you need to figure out whether you want to track traffic from each location or as a whole. QR code tracking through Google Analytics allows you to be as specific or as general as you would like.



Use Google Campaign Builder To Get Unique URLs

The second step in your QR code marketing campaign planning is to build URLs for tracking purposes. The Google URL builder allows you to add characters to the end of your website URL which in turn allows Google Analytics to track the clicks. After you have generated the URLs that are able to be tracked through Analytics, it is time to shorten them.



Use A URL Shortener

There are various websites that allow you to shorten a website URL. One of the most well-known URL shorteners is Bit.ly. The reason it is a good idea to shorten your URL is that the longer a URL is, the bigger the QR code has to be to accommodate the data. In order to make a small enough QR code to fit onto your marketing materials, you should shorten the URL.



Generate Your QR Code

This is the easiest step of planning your marketing campaign using Google Analytics. Once you have a shortened URL, it can be input into a QR code generator which will produce a QR code. After your QR code is generated with the correct URL, it can then be placed on marketing materials and your marketing campaign can begin. Google Analytics allows you to start tracking the results of the QR code marketing campaign immediately to measure success.