QR Codes In Education

QR codes are beginning to take over traditional barcodes. They are two dimensional matrix barcodes consisting of black modules on a white background. QR codes were first created in 1994 by Denso-Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota. QR codes were originally used to track vehicle parts during the manufacturing phase. QR codes are able to store more than a hundred times the amount of data that a traditional barcode can hold. Today, QR codes are seen everywhere, from menus to posters, to stores, and even t-shirts.


QR codes are even beginning to show up in education. The following are some ways that teachers can implement the use of QR codes in the classroom.

Presentations & Course Content

Teachers that want students to be able to access tutorials, tests, classes, and course information relevant to their syllabus, they can create a QR code for each different source. Teachers can embed QR codes in webinars, whiteboards, PowerPoint slides, handouts, course materials, and more. Students will then be able to easily access resources by scanning the QR code with their smartphone.

Classroom Feedback

QR codes can be a great tool for obtaining student feedback regarding class sessions. Feedback can even be set up so that students can scan yes or no regarding whether they thought the lesson was helpful

RSS Feeds

QR codes can be used to have students instantly subscribe to a blog’s RSS feed for updates. The QR code just needs to be generated using the feed URL and can be displayed in your classroom or virtual classroom.



Teachers can use QR codes to embed homework assignments. The QR code can then be placed on the teacher’s virtual whiteboard and students can scan it from home if they forget what their homework assignment is. To go one step further, students can even turn in their completed assignment in the form of a QR code.

Class Notes

Teachers can place QR codes on their virtual whiteboards that lead to class notes. This may help students pay attention better, and they will be able to go back and view notes before tests and assignments.