QR Codes In Marketing

Originally popular in Japan, QR codes are beginning to show up everywhere. They can be found in magazines, advertisements, on the side of buses, on television, and in countless other locations. QR codes can be used to connect users with information such as a website URL, business contact information, pictures, and even discounts and coupons. Research has shown that approximately 14 million people scanned 14 million QR codes in one month alone and the most popular codes are those that offer access to coupons, discounts, or more information about a particular product or service. Due to their increasing popularity, QR codes have the potential to be a very effective marketing tool.


The following tips can help businesses integrate QR codes into their marketing strategies.



Be Accessible

QR codes should be incorporated into all advertising media including traditional and digital so consumers have ample exposure to the marketing campaign.


Increase Value

Consumers love giveaways, discounts, and free tickets to events, and offers such as these will entice the customer to scan the QR code. A QR code should provide the customer with a positive brand experience.


Make It Easy

The design of materials used in marketing campaigns is vital to their success. It is important to keep in mind where the QR code is located on the advertisement. Potential customers should be able to find and scan the code quickly. For TV or movies, the code needs to remain on the screen long enough for the viewer to launch the QR reader application and scan the code. If the QR code is on an outdoor ad, it should be placed at arm or eye level. For print ads, it is important that the code does not fall over a fold as this will make scanning difficult. Make sure to always leave some white space around the QR code.



Keep It Simple

Due to their error correction capabilities, custom quick response codes are feasible. QR codes can be made to incorporate logos, brand names, and even pictures. It is important to create a code that people will recognize. It is important to be creative but also keep in mind that the standard black and white format will increase the amount of scanners that will be able to read the code.


Make The Code Fast & Convenient

When consumers scan barcodes, chances are they are doing so on the move and expect instant results. Make sure that the QR code links to a mobile enabled website as opposed to a regular website which could load slowly. Always make sure that the QR code works, customers are not likely to try more than once. If the QR code does not work the first time, potential customers are not likely to try it again. It is a good idea to test QR codes for functionality among various devices before launching your marketing campaign.


Think About Objectives & Analytics

It is imperative to know what your marketing campaign objective is before integrating QR codes. Know whether you are looking to boost sales, build brand loyalty, simply educate your audience, or increase customer engagement.